Meet Cam Ward

State Senator Cam Ward is an Attorney who specializes in economic development and criminal justice reform. He has always been dedicated to whatever cause he committed himself to. Born in Milton, Florida, Cam went to public school in Bradford County, Florida. 

Cam first became interested in public service when he volunteered to serve on the first Student Government Association ever created at his middle school. At the time he felt like there were many problems with facilities but no one would listen to the students concerns. To this day Cam’s motivation for being involved in public service is that he feels that too many problems exist in our community and so many public officials do not listen to those they represent to address those problems. He has never been afraid to take on controversial subjects.

In 1989, Cam received a Leadership Scholarship to Troy University. He quickly got involved in student activities, first as a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity, then later served two terms as President of the Troy University Student Government Association. In between, Cam was active in several academic honor societies related to his studies in International Relations.

In 1993, Cam was admitted to Cumberland School of Law. In law school, Cam excelled in Constitutional, Corporate and Criminal law. This would serve him well during his later service in the Legislature. Upon graduation from Cumberland, Cam was admitted to the Alabama State Bar, where he has served on numerous committees over the years. Cam frequently visits Cumberland each year to address classes of students on the law and was named Cumberland Outstanding Alumnus of the Year in 2011.

His dedication to the practice of law led him to be appointed Deputy Attorney General by former Attorney General Bill Pryor. In his work, Cam was assigned to the Alabama State Auditor’s office where he served as legal counsel. Later he went to work as Assistant Secretary of State dealing with election laws and corporate filings. Then after moving to Shelby County, Cam returned back home to work for Congressman Spencer Bachus as his District Director. The Wards bought their first home together in Alabaster during the peak of the county’s continued growth in 1996.


In 2000, Cam was selected for a Marshall Memorial Fellowship in Europe. He studied at several capitols throughout Europe including the European Parliament in Brussels.

His studies abroad led him to participate in other international organizations such as the Spain-U.S. Council and the American Council of Young Political Leaders. Cam enjoys the opportunity to learn from other cultures and communities throughout the world. These experiences have helped him to see the different role public service plays in democratic societies as well as to understand the strengths and weaknesses of certain government institutions.

Cam returned to the practice of law in 2001, where he was hired to head up the economic development efforts for the City of Alabaster. He has worked with local leaders for over a decade now to expand Alabaster’s retail shopping base by over 1.5 million square feet. In addition to his work in economic development Cam has also volunteered countless hours on various community boards of directors. Some of these causes have included the Glenwood Autism Center, the YMCA of Alabaster, Leadership Shelby County and other non-profit organizations. In 2009, Cam was recognized by Easter Seals of America for being one of its nationwide elected officials of the year. Cam received this honor as a result of his work to raise awareness about Autism. In 2017, Cam took on a role with national Prison Fellowship and their Faith & Justice Fellowship.

In 2002, Cam's daughter Riley was born. She attends public school in Alabaster where she is involved in many community activities. Shortly after Riley’s birth Cam was elected to the Alabama House of Representatives where he served for two terms. In 2010, he was elected to the Alabama Senate representing parts of Shelby, Bibb, and Chilton County. He was re-elected in 2012 and currently serves as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, a role he has held for the last 9 years. Additionally, since 2010 Senator Ward has served as President of the Alabama Law Institute.

As a conservative Republican, Cam believes in limited government as well as strong protections for our 2nd Amendment rights. Cam has been active in many legislative issues over the years including the sponsorship of stronger ethics laws and pro-growth measures that reduced the amount of government regulation in the private sector. In 2011, during Cam’s first year in the Senate he and others led the passage of the most comprehensive package of tort reform measures in over a decade. In 2015, Cam was recognized nationally for his work on reforming Alabama’s criminal justice system, an issue he continues to champion. In late 2017, Senator Ward was named one of Autism Speaks National Legislators of the Year for his work on securing insurance coverage for those on the Autism Spectrum.

During his time in public service Cam has been recognized by various conservative groups for his work. He prides himself on staying close contact with his constituents and always being accessible to them. Cam is married to the former Lindsey Clements and he has two daughters, Riley and Clements. They live in Alabaster.


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