Amendment 14 Protects Chilton County

By Sen. Cam Ward & Rep. Jimmy Martin

We are very fortunate to serve in the Alabama Legislature, and are grateful to the voters who have supported us over the years. We do not go to Montgomery simply to represent our voices and views – we go to Montgomery to represent the will of the people in Chilton County.

Many of our colleagues – both in the House and the Senate – approach their work in the same ways. They fight for the local folks back home, and they work hard to pass local acts that create jobs, fund public safety, provide access to healthcare and improve education.

Over the past thirty years, hundreds of local acts were passed through the state legislature and later voted on by citizens in local referendums. Although these acts benefit Alabamians every day, we have recently discovered a minor gap in the way our state House of Representatives voted on them. The gap is very small and easy to correct, and it must be fixed.  

If we want to maintain hospitals, fire departments, schools and jobs programs in communities across the state, then Alabamians need to come together to correct the gap. Thankfully, Amendment 14 gives voters a chance to do just that.

By casting a YES vote for Amendment 14 on November 8, you will be voting YES to protecting our families, defending our way of life and securing our future.

Simply stated, Amendment 14 Protects Alabama.

In Chilton County, we know that a YES vote will defend the decision by the Chilton County voters to approve construction of the new hospital in Clanton that now serves the entire County and surrounding areas.  Folks no longer have to drive to Shelby County or Montgomery for access to quality health care, especially in an emergency. But due to this voting gap issue, lawyers have sued to stop the revenue stream supporting the hospital and thus undermining the will of the people in Chilton County.  It is critical that we vote YES on Amendment 14 to protect our new hospital and the services it provides.

On November 8, vote YES for Alabama. Vote YES for Amendment 14. In the coming weeks, we strongly encourage you to share this message with your family, friends and colleagues. 

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