Alabama's Prison System Has Failed

  I have come to believe that it is not just prisoners that aren't being paroled that are causing the prisons to be overcrowded. It is also the errors the Judges, Prosecutors, and Disctrict Attorneys make.  A lot of inmates are imprisoned unlawfully.  Some judges abuse their power.  The DA and Prosecutors are willing to convict men and women to receive a promotion.  Is it a coincidence that they were both promoted after the convictions that were given to my husband and his co-defenders?

 Myself and my husband have spent thousands of dollars fighting Alabama's system.  A federal wiretap was used by the state 6 months later to search our home, which by law is considered "stale facts".  Those wiretaps were sealed by a federal judge and should not have been used to prosecute in a state court. These are the types of errors that exist and take our loved ones away from us. Everyone has a job to do but those jobs consist of proper procedures and abiding by the laws set forth.  

  My husband is sitting in prison today with a 20 split 5 sentence for prescribed cough medicine from his physician and a trafficking charge in which there was no evidence nor apprehension of him conducting such charge.  He is a first time, nonviolent offender, with no prior felonies.  Once incarcerated he was classified based on a co-defendants PSI report. How is that legal?  No one will listen and make the necessary changes.  We have filed appeal after appeal but the sentencing judge will not grant anything.  

  We will keep fighting until we get to the Federal Courts where they abide by the United States Constitution.  It does not all fall on the law makers.  Until the Judges, DA, and Prosecutors make the punishment fit the crime, the prisons will continue to be overcrowded.  I believe some felonies that are nonviolent should be reduced to a misdemeanor and a drug class, probation or house arrest should be implemented to avoid sending someone else to prison. There's alot of work to do but with the right politicians in place it can be done.

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