Jeri Sullins

commented on Alabama Correctional Officer Numbers Down 20% 2017-01-19 07:33:35 -0600 · Flag
I definitely agree Alabama’s Prison System is in turmoil. No, I would never work there as an Office due to inadequate staffing and the ratio of inmates to Officers is dangerous. I, myself, am a Mother to an Inmate and have been to many facilities in the State, to visit him. The Prison will either make an Inmate hate, fight or be killed, and/or challenge them in so many other ways, that changes who they are inside. I have met and know Gaurds who truly are trying to do a tremendous job with what they have and I have discussed with them the dangers of being in their jobs. I cannot understand why it takes so long for the State of Alabama to change sentencing laws and reform how the Parole System Works. This is my concern at the momemt. My Son, Nicky Joe Williams, AIS 240902, was granted parole December 13, 2015 by the Parole Board with no opposition at the hearing. Now, after waiting to hear when he would be released, I have learned from Pam Bailey Senior Pardons and Paroles Victims Unit, that his release is being under reconsideration..I do fully understand Victims rights, but feel the families of the inmate suffer just as well, not only financially but emotionally as well. This is heartbreaking to me. He has only had one disciplinary since being there during this almost 12 years of incarceration, and had every class that was mandated, plus some. Can you address why this has happened? I don’t know where to turn at this point.