Long Past Time We Fixed I-65

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Anyone who frequently travels I-65 in Shelby County could tell you traffic congestion has been brutal at times throughout the summer when commuters and vacationers clogged the road.

State Senator Cam Ward (R-Alabaster) says the summer congestion is the worst he’s ever seen. The rest of the year rush hour traffic remains a major headache for commuters.

Ward says a long overdue projects to widen I-65 to 3 lanes between the Pelham exit at Co Rd 52 and the Alabaster exit at US 31 should finally begin next year, but he says he’ll keep the pressure up until it’s finished.

“Sometime next summer originally it was the spring, but you know I’ll I’ll be glad if we could just get started next summer. I understand how long these things take, but the area’s been mapped out, they have the right-of-way determined, they’ve done everything they need to do it’s just time to start the construction,” said Ward.

“As someone who’s been up and down that road a lot this past summer yes the beach traffic has been worse I think than it’s ever been… that I’ve ever seen it. The congestion has just been absolutely awful. That traffic this summer shows clearly why you’ve got to widen that road. At least down to the Shelby County Airport exit. I understand your gas tax revenue is declining, which means there are fewer  road projects in the state, but at the same time I-65’s been  on the books for a long, long time to be widened. So I think we as elected officials in that area have to hold their feet to the fire in that area and say we expect it and it’s definitely needed from the traffic counts.”

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