Why I Support Paul DeMarco

I call it “bumper sticker politics.” It’s the catchy phrases that promote a political stance or send a message of opposition. While “bumper sticker politics” may stir emotions or grab a headline, those catchy phrases don’t necessarily make a difference in our day-to-day lives. The difference is made by public servants willing to work, who understand the governing process and push for real change and real solutions for our communities.

That’s why I support Paul DeMarco for Congress to replace U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus. I have served with Paul for several years now. He has chaired the House Judiciary Committee while I have chaired the Senate committee. He will be missed in the state legislature. 

There are several good people running for 6th Congressional seat. Many of them are personal friends.  However, I believe Paul’s commitment to real change and advocacy for the people of his district and throughout Alabama will make a difference in Washington. Paul DeMarco is a conservative with proven results. This past session, he took on the Alabama Department of Revenue to pass a Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights to simplify the tax assessment appeals process for individuals and businesses. It may not be a top story on your local news, but it makes a big difference for that small business owner. Paul has fought for accountability and transparency in state government and in his home county. When Jefferson County faced the dark days of bankruptcy, Paul worked tirelessly to reform the system and put the local government on the right track for the future.

Paul is forward looking. He wants to make a difference in the communities he represents. He understands the governing process. He may not always get the flashy headlines, but he works hard to gets things done.

This nation faces many challenges: an out-of-control deficit, a complicated tax system and regulatory requirements that threaten jobs and family businesses. You may not see people “post” it on Facebook or discuss it at the Saturday ballgame at the park, but it affects all of our lives. Paul Demarco knows that and wants to make a difference.

I’ve said it before. The little things, the so-called “boring” things often create better opportunities for us all. Those actions get government out of the way. For that reason, Paul DeMarco is the kind of conservative we can trust to do the right thing in Congress. I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Paul in the June 3rd primary.


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